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Dance Instructor

Amanda Jeffery (Not Just Another Dance Studio)
Aysha Koslowski (Not Just Another Dance Studio)
Christine Campbell (Ballare Studio Dance)
Julia Garlisi (Hamilton Academy Of Performing Arts)
Madison Rath (Pure Rhythm)
Marissa P (Army Of Sass - Hamilton)
Max Ratevosian (Hamilton Academy Of Performing Arts)
Melania Pawliw (Hamilton Academy Of Performing Arts)
Nicole Palladino (Freedom Studios The Creative Arts Centre Inc.)
Samantha Diller (Freedom Studios The Creative Arts Centre Inc.)
Samantha Micelli (CM Dancing)
Sarah Armstrong-Rood (Rythum Plus Dance Company)
Sarah Cox-Kelly (Rythum Plus Dance Company)
Shelia Nagy (Pure Energy Performance Inc.)
Stacey Laity (Ballare Studio Dance)
Tiffani Beauparlant (Rythum Plus Dance Company)
Tina Rath (Pure Rhythm)
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