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Dental Hygienist

Angela Franzone (Eastgate Dental)
Bonnie Forde (Stoney Creek Dental Group)
Carolyn Cassidy (Passion Dental Hygiene)
Chiara Diclaudio (Ancaster Orthodontics)
Christine Saunders (Meadowlands Dental)
Courtney (Grover Dental Care)
Danielle (Grover Dental Care)
Ellie (Mountain Mall Dental)
Emily Harrison (Estrabillo Dental Group)
Erin Sayles (Estrabillo Dental Group)
Jacqueline McKay (Meadowlands Dental)
Jaimie Duench (Stonehill Dental)
Jamie Schooley (Meadowlands Dental)
Josie Cabral (Century Stone Dental)
Julie Dinardo (Gleam Smile Centre)
Julie McMahon (Century Stone Dental)
Kerri Rooke (Century Stone Dental)
Kim Atkinson (Stonehill Dental)
Kirsten McEwan (Stonehill Dental)
Lisa Luongo (Stonehill Dental)
Lisa Ross (Century Stone Dental)
Lynn Bommarito (Stonehill Dental)
Magdalena Groza (Estrabillo Dental Group)
Marcelle Fausto (Ancaster Orthodontics)
Marcia Culbert (Stonehill Dental)
Marianne (Mountain Mall Dental)
Mary Dimitriw (Waterdown Smiles Dentistry)
Raquel Seixeiro (Stonehill Dental)
Robin (Ancaster Dental Care)
Shahd Khudher (Ancaster Orthodontics)
Sonia Castelhano (York and Bay Dental)
Tina Gravina, RDH
Vera Bozickovic (Stonehill Dental)
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