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Best People


Al Zucker (Ancaster Family Dentistry)
Cary Letkemann (Ancaster Family Dentistry)
Dr Jeff Mark (Grover Dental Care)
Dr Monika Jain (Fruitland Dentistry)
Dr Rocci (Gateshead Dental)
Dr. Abbass Fakih (Mountain Mall Dental)
Dr. Allen Park (Stoney Creek Dental Group)
Dr. Ammar Taimish (Norton Dental Ancasater)
Dr. Azita Zerehgar (Eastgate Dental)
Dr. Bob Zariczniak (Stonehill Dental)
Dr. Brad Christiansen (Mountain Dental Arts)
Dr. Cheryl Wattie (King East Dental)
Dr. Chloe Macgowan (Stonehill Dental)
Dr. Christopher Sims (Century Stone Dental)
Dr. Corinne Contant (Lakeside Dental Office)
Dr. Derek Srokowski (Highland Dental)
Dr. Ella Kahler (Grover Dental Care)
Dr. Gurki Malhi (Century Stone Dental)
Dr. H Issa (Dr. H. Issa Dental Office)
Dr. Kamal Gill (Chiesa Family Dental)
Dr. Kenneth Urquhart (Century Stone Dental)
Dr. Kevin Cooke
DR. MANJULA DUHAN (Golf Links Dental)
Dr. Michael Puksa (Upper Paradise Dental)
Dr. Michel Guirguis
Dr. Natalie Batthish (Meadowlands Dental)
Dr. Nitin Kapoor (Smile Town Dental)
Dr. Raj Khanuj (Castlemore Dental)
Dr. Ramez Mahdavi (Concept Dental Care)
Dr. Robert Nardone (Meadowlands Dental)
Dr. Roland Estrabillo (Estrabillo Dental Group)
Dr. Ron Giedraitis (Partner in Prevention)
Dr. Russell Grover (Grover Dental Care)
Dr. Stephen Hambly (Ancaster Dental Care)
Dr. Usama Al-Riahi (Mountain Mall Dental)
Dr. Vito Bommarito (Stonehill Dental)
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