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Brianne Policelli (Total Health Physio)
Cherian Thomas (Parkway Physio)
Dale Lazenby (Total Health Physio)
Girish Pillai (Total Physio)
Heidi Gerber (Vitality Physiotherapy And Associates)
Hossein Meamar-Zadeh (Total Physio)
Jenny Patel (Dundas Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation)
Kaz Kusmierczak (Total Physio)
Kim Talbot (Vitality Physiotherapy And Associates)
Kristen Parise (Blueberry Therapy)
Maggie Hol (Southmount Physiotherapy Centre)
Mat Mori (Total Health Physio)
Megan Salomons (Blueberry Therapy)
Melissa Sieradzki-Jones (Aim Rehabilitation Centre)
Neha Chopra Tandom (Southmount Physiotherapy Centre)
Nilesh Patel (We Care Physio)
Paul Jager (Highland Physio)
Robert McCall (Highland Physio)
Rowena Padilla (Total Physio)
Samantha Loeprich (Total Health Physio)
Venkata Patnala, PT (Total Physio)
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